Our Clients

Here are some of the people we have delivered mental health sessions for.

Balfour Beatty Construction
“I would like to start by saying ‘THANK YOU’ supporting the event. Some of the feedback made me quite emotional, especially when they said they could relate to some of the speakers or they had to leave the room. This is just the start of our journey, which I know we will beat the stigma of Mental Health, which includes supporting not just the people we work with but our local communities.” (Dave McCaul)

Leeds Rhinos Foundation
“Just wanted to thank you and Jimmy for your time last week. Really lovely to meet you both and feedback from the group has been fantastic.” (Laura Buckle, 15/12/2017)

West Hartlepool Rugby Club 
“Thanks for inviting me. I’m not just saying it, what a fantastic group State If Mind are. I thought the presentation was brilliant. Feel proud, top night. Can’t tell you how many home truths they came out with! I feel informed and inspired. Great job, I even have a bit more time for referees. Great turnout and love State of Mind….very moving. I am a bit of an emotional wreck at the moment so sorry if I was a bit quiet. Thanks for putting that on tonight at West…if you aimed to help just one person in that room you succeeded. Yeah was good… hit home more than I thought it would to be fair, it’s that not knowing between just having a bad few days and thinking you will be ok or actually is there something wrong – you don’t want to be the one going around shouting how depressed you are so you toss it off as a bad day and I’ll be ok… until it just seems too much and more than a bad day.” (22/03/2018)

“I think what you guys presented will have had an enormously positive impact on a lot of our construction workers in general. It will have no doubt affected everyone who attended but these guys respond better to their peers so the positive impact yesterday will have had will be immeasurable. It’s not easy to get up and put a story like that out there but if it gets one person to seek help for themselves or someone around them job done!” (Gavin Cattanach, 01/12/2017)

United Utilities
“Thank you for doing the State Of Mind talk last week, it was a really good turn out and great feedback from staff.” (Adele Dismore, 16/10/2017)

St. Peter’s High School Orrell, Wigan
“I just wanted to to say a huge thank you to Phil, Jimmy and Danny for the truly inspirational, thought provoking and honest presentation you all gave yesterday. We have received some great feedback from our students and staff and I have been asked already when we can get you in to talk to the other year groups.” (Kirsty Houghton, 20/06/2017)