More young men die each day as a result of suicide than road accidents, HIV and assaults combined and another British sportsmen took his own life last summer

Suicide is now the biggest killer of young men across the UK, a charity has warned.

The latest figures show that the suicide rate rose significantly in 2011 with a total of 6,045 people taking their own life – 4,552 of them were men.

The highest rate was in the male age bracket 30-44 and the recession is thought to be playing a part in many of the deaths. “The reasons for suicide are complex and often very individual,” Jane Powell from the Campaign Against Living Miserably (CALM) told Sky News.

British snowboarder Nelson Pratt, from Hampshire, took his own life last summer. His best friend Marcus Chapman has joined the charity’s new campaign aimed at raising awareness of the issue. Nelson Pratt
“Nelson was popular, healthy, successful and physically very fit,” he told Sky News. “He was an amazing guy, he had it all, he had his life mapped out.

“He went to his GP last summer when he was feeling down and was given a questionnaire and told to come back in a fortnight if he wasn’t feeling any better. The next day he took his life.

“It was devastating for everyone. How could someone so outwardly healthy have this happen to them? Men aren’t very good at telling someone how they’re feeling. By raising awareness we can get people talking.”

State of Mind aim to raise awareness among sportsmen and women and support CALM’s work across the country.

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