When it comes to high profile support, Catalans Dragons have secured a major coup ahead of Saturday thanks to a dedicated fan.

French President Emmanuel Macron has pledged his support for Catalans Dragons ahead of this weekend’s Ladbrokes Challenge Cup Final after a fan wrote to inform the President of the team’s achievement in the semi-final.

As reported in l’independant, Dragons fan Gérard Mauréta sent the French President a letter after the team’s semi-final victory in Bolton, pointing out the stadium’s former name of “Macron” and the big achievement by the team to reach the Wembley showpiece event.

Whilst Gérard may have hoped to make the President aware of his stadium namesake and the Dragons victory, he probably didn’t expect an official response from the Head of the Presidential cabinet, but that’s exactly what he got.
The official letter carrying the seal of the Presidency of the Republic arrived at Gérard’s door earlier this week with a message from the President.

“The Head of State wishes, first of all, to send congratulations to the players for their victory in the semi-final against St. Helens, on the score of 35 to 16.

“Mr. Emmanuel Macron hopes that they will carry high the colours of France during the final which will take place in Wembley, on August 25th.

“Catalans Dragons, all of France is behind you!”

Tickets are available for the Ladbrokes Challenge Cup Final, starting from just £20 for adults