State of Mind are looking forward to delivering the multi award winning mental fitness session on 28/04/15 at the headquarters in Warrington at noon

Blue Apple Heroes supports the armed forces community, and their families, past and present from all conflicts How do we do this in a practical realistic way?

By meeting with veterans and their families in there own home. We look at what there needs are, and then we work on a plan how best to support them. This might be anything from housing, to assisting them with counselling, employment, or just day to day living.

If combat stress is an issue, we can refer on to local NHS IAPTS. Whilst having treatment BAH can support during and after treatment 365 days of the year

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The session will be facilitated by State of Mind’s Dr. Phil Cooper, with former players Danny Sculthorpe, Jimmy Gittins and Ian Knott

State of Mind have always been tremendously supportive of our armed forces and the sacrifices they make on our behalf

State of Mind would like to thank Alan Izzard for arranging the session and to thank all the men and women who serve and have served our armed forces, we are extremely grateful