State of Mind were honoured to be invited to put up a display at the event supporting men’s health in the Social Learning Zone in May

The team were invited and Will Stringer, Ste McCann and John Griffin were there to provide information about our work for students present on the day in the social learning zone.

Bolton UNi Health Zone

The latest to be unveiled on campus is the £2.5 million Social Learning Zone with new 24-7 computer room and students’ union bar and offices. They all opened at the end of September and are already extremely popular.

The Social Learning Zone is a more chilled out version of a library. It’s packed with sofa seating and wireless networked so you can use a lap-top — or rent one from the university — grab books from the next-door library, maybe a coffee from the café and settle down to study in a relaxed atmosphere.

State of Mind are extremely grateful for the opportunity and wish all the students all the very best for the future