On Wednesday 10th September – World Suicide Prevention Day CALM launched a new campaign on Merseyside and wow, did you get behind it!

A massive thank you to everyone who showed support, for every selfie, Tweet, Facebook post, comment and all your actions to spread the news.

We’ve had huge media coverage also, more images and links to come as we catch our breath!

The Man Down campaign is all about raising awareness of the fact that suicide is now the biggest killer of men under 50.

Ernie Benbow (CEO League 13) and Paul Sculthorpe can be seen supporting the campaignCALM Man Down Ernie and Scully

It’s about encouraging men to recognise when they are finding life difficult and talk to someone, rather than reach a point of crisis, and it’s about encouraging us all to look out for our mates…

If you’re a bit late to the party don’t worry! www.thecalmzone.net/2014/09/mandown-launches-wednesday-on-merseyside/

You can back the campaign right now, scroll down and click on a link to print off your sign, take a selfie and share it on your networks, including #ManDown