The Delicate Mind is an award winning community interest company, we explore mental health in the 21st century through a variety of formats

The Delicate Mind began as a small idea in the bedroom of Nikhwat Marawat after losing his brother to suicide in 2017 “I felt a lot of pain when it happened, I still do. It felt like someone had torn my heart from my chest back then and I didn’t know what to do at the time expect for just doing something”

The Idea for what The Delicate Mind has become was pitched Farrukh Abeed on a very normal seeming day and from that moment there TDM was born.

The Faith & Belief forum connected the other two to Nadia Khan who was a natural fit and since their inception on March 23rd 2018 TDM has gone from strength to strength and went on to deliver mental health and mental strength workshops locally, regionally and internationally, given a variety of lectures and talks, delivered real term practical support, developed research and is creating in house key community mental health services.

We have a particular but not exclusive focus on the Muslim community with our work continually expanding in to places such as prisons, youth clubs, corporates, grammar schools, educational institutions, faith institutions and other third sector organisations

Our mission focus is to help to create a more educated, inclusive and fairer society and to empower the communities we wish to serve.

This month we’ll be launching our new online men’s mental health service, The Zoom Room.

This will be a safe space for self identifying men to action/discuss matters of wellbeing informally.

Below is our 2 minute survey, men please get involved, please fill it in if you can!!!

We are on a mission to help create a more educated, inclusive and fairer society by promoting the topic of mental health and appreciate your time in filling in this short form.

All your data will be stored in accordance to GDPR and we will not share any of your personal details with any third party organisations.