City of Liverpool FC have fantastically supported State of Mind to have a bucket collection at their home game tonight against Eccleshall at the Delta taxis Stadium Bootle, Liverpool L30 1NY at 7:45 kick off

Dr. Phil Cooper took par5t in a COLCAST LAST Friday night in the build up to this week’s game discussing the impact of mental fitness can have on improving sporting performance and that suicide is the biggest killer of males under 50
Football has a long and illustrious history in Liverpool, not just with it’s two major professional clubs but also with early pioneers, players, schools football and amateur leagues played on both Saturday and Sunday. The Liverpool city region produces more professional footballers per head than any other British city, more child and youth soccer players, more amateur footballers and that is without mentioning the veritable army of volunteers who ensure that football is available and played in the city every day of the week.

It is equally as accurate to say that football in Liverpool does not just exist once a week at Goodison Park or Anfield. Nor is it just a televisual sports entertainment pursuit. Football in Liverpool exists on a daily basis in school playgrounds, in parks, in 5 a side centres, sports centres, on the streets, in futsal leagues, in workplaces, in pubs and social clubs and in every neighbourhood across the city.

City of Liverpool Football Club seek to be an inclusive footballing expression of our city region identity, community owned and operated and providing a foundation for grassroots football to thrive and grow.

State of Mind are immensely grateful to COLFC for the invite and opportunity to be at the game