Connor Lynes raising funds for others, a top man doing fantastic things

My name is Connor in 2015 I suffered 2 major strokes following a rugby league match in Hull.

I wasn’t given much chance of surviving by specialists but in March 2020 it will be five years and I’m still fighting throughout my journey and during my fight I have had some amazing support and have decided to walk to Leeds from Hull to raise funds for 4 charities close to my heart.

This will be a massive ask for me as having a brain injury makes every day tasks hard for me I have Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), chronic fatigue, and suffer with anxiety and behaviour issues as well as memory problems.

I still have the blood clot and a significant narrowing of my brain stem which causes headaches and dizziness and vacant episodes and I struggle everyday.

My life was turned upside down but with the help of these charities I have pushed forward so want to give a little back.. if anyone wants to run with me you are more than welcome and donations are much appreciated after the success of last year’s challenge I have decided to walk from Hull Royal Infirmary to Leeds Children’s hospital to raise funds for 4 new charities this year I am supporting

Motor Neurone Disease Association for Rob burrow an inspiration to me as a rugby player I grew up watching who now has motor neurone disease I hope any funds raised will help towards finding a cure for the terrible disease.

STATE OF MIND have been a massive support to me over the past few years after my diagnosis of complex PTSD they have helped so many so I want to give a little back.

LEEDS L52 PAEDIATRIC NEUROSCIENCES was the ward I stayed during my time after my strokes and they do so much for the families on their ward and I would like to help them

MOSE MASOE via Life For A Kid Foundation as Mose is an inspiration to me he suffered a life changing spinal injury playing rugby and is now due to go home where he will need ongoing support for life

Please support if you can all proceeds go directly to the 4 charities