State of Mind Sport have recently been introduced to Elliot from

We think all fathers may find their website useful and it is billed as the UK’s most exciting parenting and lifestyle platform for men. “The dads’ version of Mumsnet.” (BBC) is home to the online community of fathers, and men looking to be fathers in the future, from the UK and beyond. Think of us as the ‘mumsnet for dads’. We are a resource and a space where dads can be free to talk, listen and read about things that are important to us; stuff like work-life balance, careers, raising healthy and well rounded children, money management, relationships and of course music and football. We have content for fathers at all stages of your parenting journey, whether you are an expectant dad, working dad or even a grandad!

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The modern father is a new breed. We are way more involved and present than ever before. But every father is different. Whether you are a single parent, father of a blended family, a stay-at-home dad or a father of quadruplets, we are here to inspire, inform and support you on your journey.

Our aims are to:

1. Provide a space for dads to share the ups and downs of parenting: we do this through our blog, podcast and Twitter chats
2. Increase representation of diverse fatherhood: we do this through our work in the media showcasing the wide range of fathers
3. Champion gender equality in the workplace, at home and in football: we do this through our workshops and talks in organisations