IN 2013 Danny Sculthorpe’s professional Rugby League career was cut short by a serious injury.
His career had been going to plan, so he found it hard to cope and he spiralled into depression.
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Speaking about this difficult time, his wife Natalie said: “His family was his life and he felt like he couldn’t provide for us anymore.”
Because of this, Danny started to think about taking his own life. But, instead, he decided to open up about how he was feeling, so he reached out to charity State of Mind for help – and began his journey to recovery.
But he didn’t stop there. He has spent the past few years working with the charity to encourage other sufferers to seek help. And he’s now a Trustee of the charity.
Dr Phil Cooper says: “I think Danny’s story resonates with people purely and simply because he speaks from the heart.”
To say thank you for all of the hard work he’s done, his family and friends wanted to surprise him and give something back. So we teamed up with our pals at Morrison’s to give Danny a surprise party.
Danny thought he was going to speak at a local event, but we had something a little different in mind…
Watch the video to find out what happened next
State of MInd would like to thank Danny for all the fantastic work he has enabled us to complete since 2012!
If you would like to read Danny autobiography please click on the link below