Dr. Phil Cooper MBE, co-founder and trustee for State of Mind Sport will begin his 40/120 challenge today

He is going to start the ball rolling as the challenge rolls on to Mental Health Awareness week 10th-16th May 2021.

He will attempt two 40/120 challenge before the end of the mental health awareness week, firstly he is going to walk 8 miles a day in 120 hours (5 days) from 28/03/21 to 02/04/21 to meet the criteria for a 40/120 challenge to raise awareness about preventing suicide.

The second challenge will take place in mental health awareness week where he will attempt t walk 120 km in 40 hours walking 60 km on one day and then 60km on the second day

Phil is hoping to raise between £40 – £120 for State of Mind Sport using the following State of Mind team just giving link


If you can donate to support then that that would be amazing! Thank you for reading the news item