England players Sean O’Loughlin and Chris Hill were today named as the first ambassadors of the RFL’s Embed The Pathway scheme.

Embed The Pathway is an initiative designed to increase the number of high quality 12 to 14-year-olds playing the game by providing high level education and training. The aim is to produce a greater pool of talent to improve standards and develop future England players.

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The scheme focuses on four key areas: the skills needed to play Rugby League, the ability to set your own goals and reflect on performance, key movements that will make you a better player and the standards that are needed to reach your full potential.

Alongside training on the field, players are also required to log all their activity online via their ‘Profile Wheel’ where participants can monitor their own progress in the four key areas and see where improvements are needed.

England and Wigan Warriors captain Sean O’Loughlin said: “It’s great to see so many children coming through this scheme and getting coached in the right areas at a consistent level.

“Being part of the Embed The Pathway programme has really made me aware of the type of environment 12 to 14-year-olds like to train in, the training they should and shouldn’t be doing and how to keep them in the sport and enjoying themselves at the same time.

“I never had anything like this when I was their age but was lucky enough to have the talent and be surrounded by supportive people to get me where I am today. I’m proud to be an ambassador of this scheme and help players along the way and make sure they make the right decisions.”

England and Warrington Wolves forward Chris Hill said: “Embed The Pathway is the perfect training programme to get players who are interested in Rugby League off to the right start.

“All coaches involved are on the same script so it’s one voice for all participants and not different opinions on their performance or technique which is a big help during the development stages.

“I’ve been involved in a few sessions now and I’m really impressed with what is on show. I’d encourage anybody who fancies trying out Rugby League to come down and register for Embed The Pathway.”

RFL Director of Performance and Coaching Jon Roberts said: “I think it’s fantastic that two of the country’s elite players have been appointed as the first ambassadors of the Embed The Pathway scheme.

“Sean and Chris know what it’s all about to choose the right pathway in making it to the top and to have them share their experiences with the players on this scheme is invaluable.

“Embed The Pathway is making sure players receive correct coaching to keep them in the game and increase our pool of talent for years to come.”

For more information on Embed The Pathway and your local delivery partner please visit – www.therfl.co.uk/england_rl/embed_the_pathway