Today marks the four year anniversary since one of rugby leagues former international players died

Terry’s death prompted the start of the State of Mind project when Ernie Benbow, Malcolm Rae, Phil Cooper and Carol Ede met to discuss how the NHS could link up with rugby league to prevent future tragedies

Brian Carney and Terry O’Connor joined the group and the RFL agreed to grant a round of fixtures and an education session was developed to deliver to the Super league players
Tez and Tez 1

Over 4500 people have attended the sessions since 2011 including all the Super League Clubs, Championship and Championship One clubs. The project has spread to the NRL in Australia and now in Ireland and many different sports have benefitted from the training sessions including rugby union, cricket, football and GAA

Many lives have been saved and we would like to thank all the people who have supported State of Mind since its inception

State of Mind are thinking about Terry’s friends and family today and all those bereaved in tragic circumstances