Schools Rugby League in the Gateshead area continues to grow and develop following a successful local festival.

The event, held at Gateshead College Academy of Sport, saw five teams at Year 7s (under 12s) from the area competing to secure places in the next regional stage of the competition.
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Schools involved were Heworth Grange, Thomas Hepburn, St Thomas Moore, Joseph Swan Academy and Eagglescliffe.

“It has been nice for the students to take part in the coaching sessions but also the end product of playing games,” said Dan Ramshaw from Thomas Hepburn.

“The students of Thomas Hepburn have been enthused by the way Rugby League is played and how easy it is to get the rules.”

“From this we hope to build better things and look forward to playing more Rugby League in Gateshead.”

Further events are planned for the new academic year as the competition grows to include further age groups in the Gateshead area.