So for 2018 Saturday 31/03/18 from 12 noon until 3pm we are going to be doing a Rugby Inspired Sponsored Easter Egg Hunt in and around St Peters Pavilion . .
Easter Egg Hunt
We will have Small Designated Groups (With Adult Supervisors) wearing High Visibility Vests searching for 20 Large Coloured Laminated Easter Eggs with Different Rugby Club Badges on . .
Each Egg is to be written down in order . . Every Child who participates will receive an Easter Egg as a Thankyou . .
Our Chosen Charity to benefit from all Sponsorship Raised is State of Mind Sport . .
This is an amazing Charity who helps / advises and supports many people suffering from Mental Health across the Country . .
We will be inviting some of their Ambassadors down on the day to join in the fun and games.
State of Mind would like to thank the club for their support and especially Paula Longworth