Katie Donnelly has been completing an immense State of Mind 40/120 Challenge running 40 minutes for 120 days!

Katie has been continuing her epic challenge and this week saw day 56 of 120 days completed so nearly half way there!!!

The point of the 40/120 challenge is to highlight the numbers of people every year who take their own life around the world.

In 2020 there were 800,000 people around the world who take their own life and this means one person every 40 seconds takes their own life. State of Minds roots are based in rugby league and union and during any game of rugby there will be 120 people around the world who take their own life.

That is why the 40 (one person taking their own life every 40 seconds) 120 (number of people taking their own life during every 80 minute rugby game) challenge is being attempted.

Katie said “this was the toughest week yet, tired body (especially the knees) and tired mind. Dragged myself out each day and proud to say week 8 challenge, 56/120 complete! Always feel better for doing it. Lovely views on Sankey valley today too. Let’s keep going. #SuicidePrevention

If you would like to donate click on the link here https://www.justgiving.com/campaign/Stateofmind40120challenge

State of Mind would like to thank Katie for her amazing efforts not just in the challenge but as a suicide prevention lead for Merseycare NHS Foundation Trust