State of Mind are presenting at this event in Leeds on May 20th 2018 from 11:00am at Leeds City Museum
This is a free event organised with funding support from Leeds Suicide Bereavement Service and Leeds Community Foundation.
State of Mind presenters Jimmy Gittins and Dr. Phil Cooper MBE will be delivering the opening session at the event
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The event has several aims:
•provide men, and those supporting men, with a safe space to find information and talk to organisations and charities.
•offer a space for people to hear real stories of men’s experiences of mental illness
provide opportunities for men to sign up to activities/social groups to promote inclusion, reduce the feeling of loneliness and isolation and promote general wellbeing
•create conversations during Mental Health Awareness Week to reduce stigma by educating those without experience of mental health issues about lived experience of those with mental health issues
•be a launch event for a series of follow-up activity sessions should anyone wish to participate
If you are in Leeds tomorrow then why not come and join us at the Leeds City Museum and thanks to Lisa Bourne for the invite