Oxford Rugby League Club – Hello and welcome to Oxford Rugby League Club – a club that is ready to create an incredible sporting landmark, in both the history of rugby league and the city.

Enthusiasm for the Club has been unbelievable, from the Rugby League HQ, through to the eager number of players trialling and to local people volunteering to help. All wanting to be part of something new. Rugby League is a spectator sport to be enjoyed by everyone and down at Iffley Road we hope to create that family atmosphere of belonging to a club, with an ambitious team on the pitch to get behind and cheer about!

Oxford RL promises to bring the spirit of Rugby League to Oxfordshire and the surrounding area and we need all the help we can get. So if you are interested in volunteering your support, sponsoring the team or want to have your say, please get in touch.

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State of Mind volunteers are pictured outside the Grand Final in October and volunteers help to make rugby league the greatest game so if you can help Oxford, get involved. Tony Benson was coach at Oldham when State of Mind presented to the players and if you want State of Mind to come to present to the players again just ask!

Having a large crowd of fans close to the action, can help give the team an important edge! Please come and see your Oxford RL team make history in 2013, for what promises to be a great family experience.