The RFL has announced a partnership with the Rugby League Business Network to support rugby league players in finding careers outside the game.

The scheme will match players to businesses and individuals in industries and sectors they are considering as careers post-playing. Members of the Rugby League Business Network who sign up to the programme will provide work experience, mentoring and advice.

The announcement was made to a packed room at the first of the Rugby League Business Network’s Super League Networking Nights, held at KPMG’s offices in Leeds on Monday 20 July.

Launched just over a year ago, the Rugby League Business Network is a not-for-profit organisation created to bring businesses and individuals together through the sport and to support the game. It boasts thousands members from a wide range of industries, locations and interest in the game.

The Super League Networking Nights are designed to bring members and players together to meet one another and discuss opportunities. The second event is taking place in Manchester on 7 September, again at KPMG’s offices and another is planned in London.

The announcement was made by Rugby League Business Network founder Mark Ramsdale, who has worked closely with the RFL Welfare Director, Emma Rosewarne (pictured above), to put the scheme in place. He said “Tonight’s event and this programme bring together some of the key elements of the network. Looking at those here tonight, we have wealth managers, barristers, accountants, architects and a whole raft of sectors represented; and we have 43 players from nine clubs.

“This demonstrates how powerful rugby league is as a vehicle for commercial development and the opportunities for players and members to work together.”

Super League’s General Manager, Blake Solly, “This is a terrific initiative. Rugby League players have an incredible attitude to working hard and a strong mentality that is suited to a wide range of industries. By partnering with the Rugby League Business Network and gaining access to their members, we can provide mentors and work experience to players and support them as they progress from the game.”

More information and registration details, including for the mentoring/work experience scheme, can be found on the Rugby League Business Network website: