State of Mind programme board members met with the leading lights at the Richmond Fellowship in Manchester last Friday

Discussions explored possible link ups in the future

The Richmond Fellowship provide support across over 120 Services in England for people with mental health problems. All their services are flexible, responsive and innovative adapting to the needs and choices expressed by the people who use them. We aim to encourage each individual’s sense of security, purpose and fulfilment, and develop the skills necessary to manage their mental health problems.RF Logo

RF Employment Services support people who have or are recovering from mental health problems and wish to return to paid employment, voluntary work or training. We offer information, advice and guidance across a range of skill sets through one to one sessions with Employment Advisors.

RF Retain supports employees with mental health problems, including stress, anxiety and depression. Retain aims to maximise employees’ chances of maintaining their employment when problems arise, by working with individuals on a one to one basis and also with their employer.State of Mind 252

State of Mind look forward to working alongside all our partners in 2013!