Following a meeting earlier this week where Terry Flanagan attended the meeting he said RL Cares is right behind State Of Mind and working together there is a fantastic future in 2013 and beyond

Terry Flanagan attended the State of Mind board meeting earlier this week to discuss the colaborative work for 2013Terry Flanagan

A number of projects are in line continuing the work delivering sessions to amateur rugby league clubs in the North West, linking with Martin Coyd who delivers mental health first aid training for the RFL to community clubs and exploring the possibility of a round of fixtures in Super League and opportunities with the Rugby League World Cup in 2013.

State of Mind works alongside numerous partners in the NHS, the RFL, Rugby League Cares, Mocha TV, CALM, 1eagu3, the GMB union and so many other fantastic indivduals that make State of Mind exist today.

We are grateful to all our partners and look forward with great excitement to 2013 and hope to keep you all with us for the future.