Rugby League Cares is the sports new charity dedicated to supporting the Rugby League family and its local communities. Our mission is to enhance and enrich people’s lives through the power and positive influence of Rugby League.

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Rugby League Cares supports Rugby League’s broad community – Past, Present & and Future:

Past: Celebrating and protecting Rugby League’s heritage and traditions.
Present: Helping to take care of members of the Rugby League family, especially in times of hardship and distress.
Future: Securing the future by funding, and supporting projects at the grassroots of the game.

Our work takes place in four key areas of the game:

Bringing together the existing Rugby League family of charities – Rugby League Foundation, RFL Benevolent Fund and RFL Heritage Trust, into one place to enhance the good work currently undertaken and Terry Flanagan would urge all rugby league supoprters and sports fans to become a member.Terry Flanagan

Become a Member of rugby league cares: Help us support the Rugby League family and its community. Become a member today for £20 a year or £2 per month and you will help to:

Support the development of Rugby League
Provide targeted health and wellbeing support to members of Rugby League community
Protect Rugby League Heritage
Support players who are in hardship or distress as a result of a serious injury

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