The RFL has launched a new one-stop shop for Rugby League education, Rugby League Learning Limited.

The initiative, which is a wholly owned subsidiary of the RFL, has been created to allow the sport to deliver a more co-ordinated approach to the supply and delivery of qualifications, training and development.

Rugby League Learning Limited will provide support on subjects ranging from coaching and match officials qualifications to personal development opportunities for those working in clubs, at any level.RLLearning Logo

“Rugby League Learning presents a unique opportunity for the sport to bring together training and learning that will help to develop the best-possible practice to improve the game of Rugby League,” said Rugby League Learning General Manager John Hickson.

“The facility is open to anyone involved in Rugby League, from elite international players, right through to the community game.

“Our aim is to deliver a high-quality service to the best-possible standard, and a big part of what we do is based around making it as easy as possible for people to find the help and support that they need, for whatever activity they need it for.”

Rugby League Learning has also launched a brand new website – – from which people involved in Rugby League can find all the information they need to use the service.

“We have also launched our new website which I think embodies what our aspirations at Rugby League Learning are,” said Hickson. “It is a brilliant site and has all the necessary information on there to let people know what we are about.

“We have a vision that sees us manage partners to use innovative technology and qualifications to create a commercially sustainable business where additional revenue goes back into the game

“I am very excited about the formation of Rugby League Learning and I am looking forward to heading a team which can make a real difference to the future of Rugby League.”

If you are interested in what Rugby League Learning has to offer or would like to inform us as to what services would help you or your club, please visit or email