Joe Stearne rugby league natch official is running form Old Trafford to West Yorkshire for McMillan cancer!

My partner got diagnosed with Hodgkins lymphoma a type of cancer, she has been so strong and fought the horrible disease head on and has been amazing.

That pure strength has inspired me for another challenge to try raise some much needed funds for McMillan to help support families who need them like we did.

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On the 8th of January 2022 I will be attempting to run from Old Trafford Manchester back to West Yorkshire this will consist of around 50 ish miles if my route works out leaving me just short of the double marathon distance and will be nothing short of constant pain but nothing compared to what cancer patients go through each day.

I have been training behind the scenes for a fair few weeks now where I can this gives me around 10 more weeks of training.

Having run a fair few marathons the thought of turning round at the finish and completing another isn’t that appealing but this is for a great cause and I have a great team behind me helping me finalise everything!

If anyone can spare a few quid and donate that would be amazing I have a little team behind me helping me plan and support for the day if anyone is interested and wants to help out then please let me know!