St. Helens Rugby League have generously allowed State of Mind to have a bucket collection at tonight’s game at Langtree Park

State of Mind have been delivering mental fitness education sessions in rugby league since 2011 and have delivered sessions to over 7000 rugby players, fans, students, prisoners and school children. We have been to Carmel College, St. Helens College, Rainford High and Haresfinch Rugby League to name a few in St. Helens

Wakefield-Saints SOM 14

The RFL have been outstanding supporters of our work alongside Rugby League Cares and being able to have a round of fixtures every year since 2011 has allowed players and fans alike to access support to improve their mental fitness. The RFL engaged Sporting Chance in 2011 and over 100 players have sort help to get mentally fitter to improve their performances

State of Mind saves lives and volunteers will be in the concourses on the day collecting so if you can spare any change whatsoever we will be fantastically grateful so come and say hello if you are the game