SEABUOY GLOBAL is proud to announce becoming a primary sponsor for SCOTLAND RUGBY LEAGUE X-LEAGUE in the build up to the 2021 World Cup in Sheffield and State of Mind Sport are joining the support for the team

Scotland X-League

The X-League World Cup will coincide with the Men’s, Women’s and Wheelchair Rugby League World Cup across the UK. This will be the first of its kind as part of the festival of world cups and is a huge development opportunity for Scottish Rugby League and Scottish sport.

X-League At The Rugby League World Cup 2021

At the X-League World Cup, Scotland will be entering two teams, one into the mixed competition and one into the men’s. In total this will allow for 20-25 new players the opportunity to pull on the Famous Scotland RL jersey, sing the anthem and compete for the national team on the highest stage. The event has drawn global entries thus far with teams from England, Ireland and Australia (both rugby league powerhouses). It is also a powerful development tool for emerging nations with entries from Lithuania and Hungary to name a few.

SEABOUY GLOBAL is also happy to work alongside another sponsor of the Scotland squad, a fantastic charity State of Mind and Seabuoy Global’s mission is to drive offshore auditing to a new global standard with the next generation of software. We streamline audit delivery process, enable full potential for remote audit delivery, automate data feeds, reduce non-conformance rates, and improve health and safety with industry wide non-conformance and fail analysis.

State of Mind Sport would like to wish all the Scotland X-League Rugby League team all the very best of luck in the games ahead