Two runners were sporting the State of Mind tee-shirt and new State of Mind training tops from Haresfinch ARLFC in yesterday’s 10K race n St. Helens

State of Mind 354

The weather was cold with a biting wind to greet runners as they ascended North Road in St. Helens twice before and after runnning around Victoria Park.

There were inspirational runs from a range of people running for very different reasons. Nathan Brown, Terry O’Connor, Barry McDermott, Bananman and the Rochdale Hornets mascot and Paul Sculthorpe were notable faces spotted in the race.State of Mind 355

Any runner wearing state of Mind shirts take the message out to many more people and we are eternally grateful for your efforts supporting the project.

The Steve Prescott Foundation were one of the many beneficiaries of the race and State of Mind would like to wish all the runners are hearty congratulations for completing the course.