State of Mind Sport continue to roll out the Terry Newton Grassroots Project this month with out latest stop at Heworth Women’s rugby league

The session provided the hub of a great evening delivering our state of mind sport mental fitness session to the women’s team
as part of The Terry Newton Grassroots Project.

This is where we provide free training and access to train a volunteer as a mental health first aider. We have trained 46 Mental Health First Aiders trained in 46 organisations.

Numbers of teams / sports organisations that have received a mental fitness session since September 2021 = Total 86 (58 men’s teams and 28 women’s teams)

Sport Number of Clubs
Rugby League 66 (77%)
Rugby Union 13 (15%)
Football 4 (5%)
Referees 2 (2%)
Boxing 1 (1%)

If you want to access a free session contact

Thank you for the invitation and for being a really receptive and engaging group. Wishing you the best of luck for the future.