State of Mind will be heading to AFC Moorhouse in Manchester (M27 9LF) tonight at 7pm to deliver the multi award winning mental fitness session to help players improve their performance

Helen Cullen said “As a County FA we want to raise awareness of mental health issues.”
Manchester FA Flyer April 2016
At a time when there is a clear commitment to transformation, it gives us all an opportunity to consider the part that we can play. With a greater focus on prevention of illness and a commitment to integrated care to meet patients mental health and physical needs, sport and recreation, and importantly football needs to consider how we can help.

Here at Manchester County FA, we will:

•Be supporting to provide opportunities that engages participation.
•Energise our voluntary workforce through education and support.
•Develop a ‘Mental Health Action Plan’ in each of our FA Charter Standard Community Club’s.

We acknowledge and applaud those that already contribute so much within a football and sporting environment, both in tackling the stigma and isolation of opportunities. The work of the community trusts of Bolton Wanderers, Bury FC and Rochdale FC, Oldham Athletic and also the community arms of Manchester United (MUFoundation) and also Manchester City’s CITC (City in the Community).

If you consider that 1 in 4 people in the general population will suffer from mental health problems at some point in their life, it is important that people take this issue seriously. Football is a great method to connect with people, motivating and inspiring friendships and support. It promotes greater well-being and improves mood, communication, self-confidence and respect.

As we strive to provide support, we already have a number of initiatives that are helping with this:

State of Mind Workshops – a Rugby League Charity working in partnership with us to promote mental health well-being and signposting help from other organisations.

Mental Health League – Dean Ashton from Equality FC run weekly recreational football.

Walking Football Introduction Sessions – helping those with complex issues get back into the game.

State of MInd are looking forward to seeing you there tonight