State of Mind delivered the multi-award winning State of Mind mental fitness session at The Brick in May

The Brick helps and supports people from the streets to independent living.

The Brick Ian and Danny

We have workers who meet with those living on the streets regularly to check on their wellbeing and to ensure that when they are ready they are supported. People living on the streets have often done so for many years, and to expect them to suddenly want to live in a house with all the responsibilities that brings is like expecting an elephant to live in a tree!

Work like this takes a long time and during that time we build relationships with them and try to keep them safe.

We also work with people who are new to the streets. Many of these are young and frightened about what has happened to them. We allow them a stay in an emergency bed and work with them to find more settled accommodation over the next couple of weeks.

Former players Danny Sculthorpe and Ian Knott were on hand to bring the experiences from playing rugby league to the session.

State of Mind would like to thank The Brick for the invite and would like to wish all the people who attended all the very best for the future