State of Mind were honoured to deliver to the students at Woolston Brook School
Woolston Brook
Former player Danny Sculthorpe and Dr. Phil Cooper delivered two sessions in the school to a great group of students who the school should be proud

We are a small school of up to 72 boys and girls, 56 in the secondary department and 16 in the primary department (known as the Cardell Centre). To help the pupils make progress they are taught in small classes (usually no more than 10) with both a teacher and a teaching assistant. We believe it is very important that pupils are ready to learn an as a result we start every day with a nurture session and have a pastoral team that will help keep pupils on track throughout the day.
Woolston Brook 1
We run a number of intervention lines on the timetable to ensure that pupils who are struggling with their work or behaviour can still make progress. High attendance is an expectation at our school and the curriculum is one of the ways we can ensure this happens.

State of Mind would like to thank Simon Ellam for arranging the sessions and would like to wish all the students all the very best for the future