State of Mind Ireland invited State of Mind Rugby League across to Belfast to launch State of Mind Ireland in the North

Malcolm Rae OBE, FRCN (Chair of State of Mind Sport), Dr. Phil Cooper (5 Boroughs Partnership NHS Foundation Trust) and former players Danny Sculthorpe and Will Stringer were joined by Cliodnha Sargent Ireland Hockey International Cliodnha Sargent Ireland Hockey

Dr. Sharon McDonnell Manchester University and Dr. Wesley O’Brien Cork University delivered inspirational sessions throughout the day alongside the parents of Donal Walsh recounting his massive impact prior to his death from cancer.

Professor Andy Smith joined the team in supporting the State of Mind Ireland pledge on the recreated steps from the Titanic
SOM Titanic Belfast
State of Mind would like to thank Dr. Martin and Susan Lawlor for their tremendous enthusiasm and hospitality in expanding the State of Mind Family