Is gambling just a part of day to day life? For many people it’s an occasional activity. It is estimated however that about 70 out of every 1000 people gamble at levels that are more than just occasional and thought to be risky.

Gambling is defined as being a problem if it disrupts or damages personal, family or leisure time. Is it a problem for someone you know?

Answer either ‘yes’ or ‘no’ to the following:

Do they spend a lot of time thinking about gambling?

Do they spend a large amount of money on gambling?

Have they tried to cut back on their gambling and failed?

Do they get irritable about people commenting on their gambling?

Do they gamble to cheer themselves up or to escape from stress for a while?

Have they ever lied to others about how much they actually gamble?

Have they ever stolen money to fund a gamble?

Has gambling affected their relationships with others or their work?

Do they ever get a mate or family member to lend them money when I have lost?

If you know anyone who could answer these questions with a ‘Yes’ then the Practical Guidance may be useful as a first step to help someone else click on the link here