State of Mind Sport have had a really busy 2019 and below is a summary of some of our activities that your donations help to fund

Education Sessions

Delivered 395 sessions across the country the largest number ever and this represented a 60% increase in session numbers from 2018. There were 18, 814 people who attended a session in 2019 the largest number ever and this represented a 50% increase in numbers attending from 2018.

Rugby League Clubs

The number of sessions in rugby league clubs which were completed was 60, the largest annual number ever and this represented a 160% increase in clubs attended from 2018. There was an additional 7 sessions completed in rugby league referees societies.

Rugby Union Clubs

The number of sessions completed in rugby union clubs was 12 the largest number ever and this represented a 140% increase from 2018.


There were 61 employers where education sessions were delivered and the number of sessions completed in employers increased indicating employers using State of Mind session more frequently than ever before which is represented in the numbers of people attending sessions. The commercial rates charged in these sessions allow us to deliver sessions in sports clubs and the education sector for no cost.

Education Sector

There were sessions delivered in 24 schools, 12 colleges and 8 universities which have been targeted in primarily rugby league areas rather than delivering sessions wherever we are asked. State of Mind delivered sessions in 6 conferences in 2019.

Education sessions stopped in March 2020 due to the pandemic

Since 2011 State of Mind have delivered education session to 64,246 people in 1215 sessions

Squad Goals – a drama performance highlighting mental fitness issues using a rugby players injury as the backdrop of the story has now completed three schools tours in Wigan, Warrington, St. Helens and Preston following Isabella Blow funding. The work has been evaluated and the feedback has been immensely positive.

Mental Health First Aid – Presenters trained to deliver Mental Health First Aid Courses – Jimmy Gittins, Danny Sculthorpe, Ian Smith and Phil Veivers have all been trained using the award money won in the Burdett Trust Men’s Health Category Awards in 2018. Bereavement training has been delivered to all presenters in 2020 by CRUSE Bereavement Training with George Riley, Ian Knott, Joanne Phillips and Offload presenters in attendance.

State of Mind Grassroots Project was due to begin in March 2020 but the coronavirus pandemic put the project on hold – where we plan to deliver an education session to a group of regional clubs to open age and potentially younger age groups (to complement the Rugby League World Cup Mental Fitness Charter. For each club to nominate mental fitness coaches and we will train them to become mental health first aiders (free to clubs) and using local fundraising donations to fund these projects. To consider a bid for Big Lottery Communities funding in 2020.

State of Mind Practical Guidance launched in January 2020 – both on the website and in print version for conference or other events. Exploring options for a filmed version of each guide with a lived experience from a presenter where the guide is relevant.

Partnership with North West Counties Football Leagues in 2019-2020 – two clubs have accessed sessions up to the pandemic. Evaluation completed at the first session delivered and the immensely positive results have been forwarded to the North West Counties Football League. Practical Guidance made available to all clubs and a specific Coronavirus pandemic lockdown mental fitness information document forwarded to all clubs

State of Mind Song Whatever is today, there is tomorrow launched in May 2020 written by Greg Mulholland (former MP) and archive photos used to help promote the song with a filmed montage to accompany the launch. To use the film and song at the end of all education session following the lockdown rules being relaxed and face to face education session being allowed to begin again.

South West Yorkshire Foundation Trust (SWYFT) have entered a partnership with State of Mind to deliver mental fitness session in six local areas including Bradford, Halifax, Harrogate, Huddersfield, Leeds and Wakefield. On hold during the pandemic.

Rugby league match official’s virtual reality project to begin this year exploring the use of immersive / virtual reality technology to produce a virtual reality experience of what it is really like to be the match official. Liaison with Dr. Tom Webb at Portsmouth University about ethical issues has taken place.