State of Mind were honoured to deliver the multi award winning mental fitness session with Lads United

State of Mind presenters Jimmy Gittins and George Riley delivered the session oat the home of Mill Hill St Peters FC.

LADs United was formed during the Covid 19 pandemic in the summer of 2020, the primary objective was to offer an opportunity for guys of any age, fitness level or ability to continue playing the game they love!

What we didn’t anticipate was the positive impact not only on the physical fitness but perhaps more importantly the mental wellbeing of the participants.

In the blink of an eye LADS United has become much more than a game of footy, it’s now a community of friends from far and wide; playing the beautiful game and using its unique spirit to form bonds and connections that will last a lifetime. If you would like more information click on the link here

Thanks to Adam Gardner for setting up the session and we would like to wish all at Lads United all the very best for the future