State of Mind Round 20 in 2015 in partnership with Rugby League Cares is coming later this week with the first game being Warrington Wolves v Wigan Warriors and the theme for this year’s round of fixtures is looking out for people or your mates

SOM Whats Theirs

A number of professional rugby league players will this week be retweeting messages relating to looking out for mates and how some players have benefited from support from their team mates or other people in their lives. The players are represented from all divisions and includes Paul Wellens, Eorl Crabtree, Ben Cockayne, Gareth Carvell, Leon Pryce, Alex Thompson, Telly Pelo, Shaun Briscoe, Micky Higam and many more
Warrington SOM  (10)
Tweets this week will carry the hashtag #what’stheirs? as we look to see how people you know at the match and may even have nicknames for them may be feeling, Why not ask people if they are feeling ok?

State of Mind know that having a good support network around you can help you deal with the ups and downs in life and having someone to listen or talk to in trying to get things off your chest can be worth its weight in gold!

So this year we would ask any followers of State of Mind on twitter to send their thanks to the person who may have supported them and say thanks, no details just to say thanks and use the hashtag #what’stheirs?