Former Hull FC, Castleford Tigers and Wakefield Trinity Wildcats star Motu Tony is to graduate from Huddersfield University with a Master’s Degree in Business Administration after receiving a grant from Rugby League Cares.

Tony retired from playing in 2012 and took up a role as Football Manager at Hull FC last year and is the latest individual to benefit from Rugby League Cares, a charity dedicated to supporting the Rugby League family and its local communities.Motu Tony

The ex-New Zealand international applied for the grant soon after hanging up his boots when he realised that the Master of Business Administration course at Huddersfield University would allow him to realise ambition to remain involved with the game, but in an administrative capacity.

“I realised quite early on that I didn’t want to go into coaching and that the admimistration side interested me more,” said Tony.

“I knew that I wanted to go to University and I picked Huddersfield as the course was prestigious and well recognised, people who hold this qualification take senior management and chief executive roles at companies. I can’t thank Rugby League Cares enough for their help, they enabled me to better myself and they’ve been fantastic.

“I know the game very well from playing for so many years and the skills I learnt from playing have helped me. It was difficult working and being a full time student but Huddersfield is the birthplace of Rugby League so what better place to do it.”

Tony will graduate on Thursday July 16 and having completed the course in February, is looking forward to the ceremony after all his hard work. Despite gaining the qualification, he insists his loyalties lie with Hull FC.

“I want to help build a club and a team at Hull that can win silverware. I might not play anymore but I still hold that burning ambition to win.”

Rugby League Cares General Manager Chris Rostron said: “The education and training fund is there to support player’s transition from a career playing Rugby League to something new in the future. In a competitive world, players need to think about their marketability in the jobs market. The fund gives them freedom to choose what’s right for them and that’s why it’s so important.

“Motu gaining the Masters Degree is a fantastic example of us being able to support a former player to gain qualifications and build a future career for himself.

“He is going to use his qualification and the skills he has learnt to put back into the business and administration side of Rugby League. We are really pleased for him.”

State of Mind would like to wish Motu all the very best for the future