State of Mind were invited to deliver the award winning State of Mind session at the Wigan Rugby League Referees Society

A fantastic turn out of officials old and new were there to hear Ste McCann and Danny Sculthorpe help deliver the session for the very first referees society.Wigan RL refereees Society

State of Mind have delivered a session to the top Super League officials previously but this was the first referees society to invite the team

A great reminder of rugby league and the impact it has on people’s lives was a quote from one of the referees who stated that refereeing allowed them to get changed and officiate for a couple of hours at a weekend and this was a great release from the day to day stresses that we all have.

We could not agree more with that statement and that rugby league provides entertainment and relaxation to thousands of people every week all across the country

State of Mind would love to hear from other referees society who would like to invite us along to deliver a session