Rugby League Cares Dance Programme – Join the Momentum is looking to attract more than 500 Dancers to take part in a spectacular performance at Magic Weekend.

The programme, which is funded by Arts Council England, has commissioned Manchester based Company Chameleon – who will work directly with Rugby League Foundation leaders to develop the choreography which will be performed at St James Park over the weekend of Saturday 30th and Sunday 31st May.

Company Chameleon brings Histories, stories and archetypes to life with beauty, force and intensity. Their work aims to bridge the inherent gap between contemporary dance theatre, artists and the audience which will work in great unison with the Join the Momentum objectives. imagesource

Kevin Turner – Company Chameleon Artistic Director said; “Company chameleon are thrilled to be working with Rugby League Cares on their exciting project Join the momentum. It will be a fantastic opportunity for the company to work with leaders and young people from across the whole of the north, to create a spectacular and memorable dance event that will be part of the festivities at Magic Weekend.”

Company Chameleon will lead 3 days of workshops in the North West, Yorkshire and the North East. These unique days will be open to Rugby League Foundation Dance Leaders and there will also be a limited number of spaces available for Community Dance group leaders.

Sarah Elston – Join the Momentum Project Manager said: “ We’re really excited to have Company Chameleon work with our Dance Leaders. We also want as many people as possible to benefit from this connection including dance groups that are not currently associated with Rugby League. We hope this project will help our foundations establish relationships with their wider community through successful partnerships with the wider dance ecology at both community and professional level”

Anyone wishing to be involved should email

State of Mind would like to encourage any dancers who want to have a magic weekend then get in touch and keeping physically fit helps you keep you mentally fit!