Angela Powers has taken rugby league to a place where it has never appeared before, the Mind Media awards!

Angela’s film was originally aired during a live Super League game broadcast on Sky Sports One and was nominated in the factual entertainment category of the awards. She interviews Adrian Vowles, Kris Radlinski, Adrian Morley, Terry Newton’s dad and Dale Laughton, in an effort to raise awareness and challenge stigma around mental health problems in rugby.

The British Film Institute on the South Bank of the Thames was packed with celebrities on Monday evening with Stephen Fry hosting. Gok Wan, a host of soap stars from Emmerdale and Eastenders, Alastair Campbell and many many more witnessed Dale Laughton’s tale of how he struggled to cope after retiring from the game and showed scenes after Sheffield Eagles won the Challenge Cup in 1998.

State of Mind members were there to support Angela with her family and Gaz (her brother and actor in the State of Mind film) was seen hobnobbing with Bill Oddie whilst discussing birdwatching.

State of Mind would like to thank Angela for the ground breaking film piece that has promoted Rugby League alongside mental fitness to reduce the stigma associated with asking for help if it is needed. This type of work is immensely powerful and saves lives!