The London Broncos are believed to be on the brink of collapse ­because millionaire backer David Hughes is refusing to bail them out any more.

But former skipper Tony Clubb, 26, says the players are being kept in the dark about whether they will have a job next season. He said: “It really is tough to keep calm because they’re messing with our livelihoods.

“We have got mortgages, wives and kids and we don’t know what will happen to us when our season ends at the end of next week. “It’s pathetic as nobody is telling us anything. It’s pretty tough to train when we don’t know if we’ll have a job. “A lot of players haven’t been offered new contracts and those who are signed for next year want to leave.”State of Mind 306

The RFL are holding ­crisis talks with Hughes to see if the club has any ­future in ­Super League. They are bottom, drew a crowd of just 1,143 for their last game and don’t have a home to play in next season.

“It really is tough to keep calm because they’re messing with our livelihoods.” One option is for ­Broncos to drop into the Championship but Clubb fears that would be disastrous for the squad and the game.

Clubb, who is out with a knee injury, has asked to leave and added: “We have got young players who need to be playing in Super League – they don’t want to settle for the Championship. “And what’s the point of grassroots rugby league in London if kids cannot aspire to play in Super League?

“All the good work will be undone. We will lose a load of kids to football and rugby union, which is really big here.”

State of Mind hope that the situation is resolved as soon as possible