MoveMENt is an exciting and innovative men’s suicide prevention project for Warrington.

The group aims to foster partnership working to help the men of Warrington to improve their their mental health and prevent suicide

Support in Warrington can be found on the Happy Ok Sad website – a website which signposts available facilities such as Beat, Papyrus, Pathways to Recovery, Footsteps for Families and State of Mind.

Ian McClure is a leading advocate of MoveMENt and his own story has inspired others to access help and support

Ian attended the State of Mind World Record for the largest mental health awareness lesson that took place at the Halliwell Jones stadium in June 2018 delivered by a range of State of Mind presenters

He suffered with nightmares, headaches, day terrors and panic attacks and was running on a cocktail of mood stabilisers, antidepressants and Tramadol. Ian said: “I became a workaholic, working 17 hours a day and coped with that by drinking. “I’d drink to oblivion, sleep for three hours, then go again. “It got to the point where I had to leave the business and then spent four months in a psychiatric hospital.”

Ian’s story will resonate with some; an inability to balance his health against work pressures, and ultimately this led to a mental breakdown.
Several years on, the Great Sankey man is ‘well, content and living a great life’ while working to keep his mental health a strong as possible.
He said: “I connect with people, I stay active, I take notice, I keep learning and I give back. “I also practice gratitude daily and recognise all of the beauty that I am blessed with in life.” see the ful story here

You can access MoveMENt on twitter@MoveMENt_WA for further information