State of Mind completed a triple header of sessions at Hindley’s fantastic St. Peter’s Pavilion facilities on Tuesday evening

There were over 200 people attended the three sessions and the feedback has been tremendous. State of Mind are supremely grateful to Barry for organising the sessions and providing superb technical support. (Good luck with the live streaming of games this season)

Martin Crompton, Ste McCann and Jimmy Gittins all provided input to produce an evening that has already led to further interesting developments

Club Captain Chris Scarborough can be seen wearing the State of Mind tee-shirt alongside Jimmy and Ste State of Mind 329

Some of the feedback can be viewed

• Really interesting session and not what I expected, well done and delivered
• I am a parent and think the session was really good for my son to hear
• Great to know where you can get help
• Loved the players views and the films were excellent
• Former players made the session real thanks
• Really great initiative, keep up the good work
• Really enjoyed the session and the lads were all talking about it after, well done

State of Mind 330

Jake Hughes and Raith Stringer are pictured with Jimmy Gittins after the final session. State of Mind woud like to express our immense gratitude for all those who attended and arranged the session and good luck for a great season of rugby league