State of Mind arrived in Leigh on a snowy night earlier this week to deliver the latest session in the first North West [pilot) project to deliver the State of Mind sessions

Another 43 people attended the session and this adds up to 314 people attending since the start in October 2012, this adds up to 1100 people have now attended the State of Mind sessions since their beginning in 2011 with the Super League clubs, through the Championships and now targeting grassroots rugby league clubs.State of Mind LMR 301

Martin Crompton, Will Stringer and Ste McCann delivered the session and some of the feedback received included:State of MInd 302

• It was a good session, very helpful to a close knit group of lads.
It helps people to communicate to each other
• I think the players attention was caught when examples of player are used
• Great session, very informative
• Would be good to run out at 13’s and 16’s at Leigh Miners (kids)

State of Mind are really grateful to all the lads who attended and wish you all the very best for another great season!