Terry O’Connor sat down with former Warrington and Wales international Mike Nicholas. The forward was known for his aggressive style of play and was sent off 13 times in his career on the Super League Superstars programme last week.

Mike talked openly about his career and how he found it really difficult to sleep after games and would use alcohol to help him sleep, but this caused more problems than it solved. He was prescribed diazepam medication and used this on prescription as he felt depressed during his career.NICHOLAS_LARGE

Rugby League players from all eras from Mike Nicholas, Terry Newton and mnay others have experienced tough times throughout their careers.

Following State of Mind’s tips to keep mentally fit can help you maintain mental strength and deal with the ups and downs as they arise.

We would like to commend Terry on the interview as he has been a staunch supporter of our work over the past two and a half years alongside Brian Carney and Angela Powers. We are extremely grateful for all your support in highlighting the issues so well!