North West Boroughs Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust staff member Helen Eden has been embarking on her 40/120 challenge

Helen said that when she was at work working the Trust questions and answer session with State of Mind patron and Trust Chief Executive Simon Barber that has been broadcast throughout the COVID-19 pandemic and heard the mention of the State of Mind Challenge and thought I would let you know what I have been doing.

I was shocked when I saw the suicide figures and wanted to help.

I have been completing this challenge since Easter weekend. I challenged myself to walk an extra 3 miles per day for 40 days. I am now on the home front and due to finish on Tuesday 11th May.

It has been a difficult commitment to complete a walk each day around work and usual dog walking activity however the weather has been kind to me apart from one Monday – when I got absolutely drenched!!!

I set a fundraising target of £120 as suggested by State of Mind and am pleased to say my family and friends have been very generous to this great cause and I have currently raised over £375.

I remember when State of Mind was first set the charity up and have seen one of your sessions.

A walking challenge seemed achievable and I have enjoyed doing the walking (apart from in the storm on Monday!). The challenge has been fitting in the time and finding the right footwear!!

If you would like to donate then click on the link here

Helen you should be massively proud of your achievement and we are extremely grateful to you for raising awareness and massive funds on our behalf. We are humbled by your efforts!!