State of Mind were honoured to be invited to the home of Oldham St. Anne’s last week

The club gave State of Mind a warm welcome and we would like to thank Tom Wainwirght for setting up the sessionOldham St. Anne's

State of Mind presenters Will Stringer and Ste McCann were on hand to deliver the session and the session marks the approach of State of Mind having delivered sessions to almost 4000 players, supporters, students and coaches over the past 3 yearsOldham St Anne's 15's

State of Mind are extremely honoured to be associated with the greatest game and to have had the opportunity to access so many people with mental fitness messages so thanks to everyone who has invited us.

WE will be delivering sessions in Sheffield, Castleford and South Wales in the next few weeks and will be taking more bookings for sessions at the end of May when State of Mind in Australia will be launching the second year’s campaign to link in with the State of Origin series