State of Mind Sport in partnership with Beracah Ministries International are releasing our first charity song.

The Rugby League choir that sang at the Challenge Cup final in 2016 under the musical direction of Steve Thompson met during the pandemic lockdown online.

The choir wanted to do something special, and Steve has written a song with Graham Kendrick to support the rugby league World Cup. The song will raise funds for State of Mind Sport’s work to provide mental fitness sessions in all rugby league clubs across the country and train a mental health first aider in every club to leave a lasting legacy of mental fitness and to prevent suicide.

The song’s chorus is based on rugby league and you will soon be singing along:

We are united
Standing as one
We’re not divided
Together we’re strong
Come on you heroes
We’re cheering you on
Never give up no
Not backing down

The lyrics match the inclusive nature of the Rugby League World Cup having a mens, womens, wheelchair, physical disability and learning disability competitions so in rugby league ‘We Are United’

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The State of Mind Choir recorded the song in May 2022 and State of Mind would love it to become the song of the rugby league world cup. The choir will be singing the song before the opening game of the PDRL World Cup.

You can download the song at all streaming services and buying the song will help to save lives!