Warrington prop Paul Wood who played on with a ruptured testicle has spoken about his depression battle in The Telegraph

Warrington Wolves prop Paul Wood lost the testicle after being kneed in the groin in October’s Super League Grand Final. Wood was dubbed the hardest man in sport after the incident. Even after he came off the pitch, he did not seek medical help. After sitting out the rest of the game on the bench, he preferred to stand by his team-mates in showing respect to the opposition.

He made no mention of the injury in post-match interviews but was subsequently taken to hospital for surgery to have the testicle removed. He later made light of his misfortune, tweeting: “Just coming out of hospital to go home … Seriously feel like I’ve left something?”.

But Wood made the headlines again after he left his wife and two children for a fling with ex-porn model Holly Henderson who has also romanced ex Manchester City footballer Mario Balotelli. He told The Sun: “People see this giant man-mountain and think he is indestructible after what happened. But that couldn’t be further from the truth. Some mornings I couldn’t get out of bed and just pulled the duvet over me sobbing like a baby.

“I’ve been swamped with suicidal thoughts. As much as I played along with the jokes about being ‘One ball Paul’, privately I was in pieces.” Wood, 31, said talking openly about his depression is the toughest thing he has ever done.

“It’s far more painful than losing my testicle. I’ve been seeing a psychiatrist, but until now I’ve only told a few close family and friends.”

Paul speaks regularly to his estranged wife and sees his young children every day. He added: “I can’t turn back the clock, but we are trying to work through our problems.” Adrian Morley State of mind 149

State of Mind wish Paul all the very best for the season and in any difficulties he may encounter. Paul’s captain and State of Mind ambassador Adrian Morley has been a strong supporter of State of Mind